Introductory Rites

Entrance Procession

Servers process slowly. When they reach the sanctuary, crucifer and candle bearers proceed to the sacristy immediately. Thurifer and boat wait beside the altar for incensation.


Penitential Rite


Book bearer should watch deacon to know when to bring the book and approaches the deacon when signaled, or if the deacon does not signal, book bearer should be ready with the book half way through gloria

Opening Prayer

After the priest prays the opening prayer, book bearer returns the book to the stand and returns to seat)

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading

After the first reading, if incense is being used, thurifer, boat, and candle bearers proceed to sacristy for the gospel procession

Responsorial Psalm

Second Reading

After the second reading, thurifer and boat bearer approach the priest, and candle bearers move to their places at the corners of the altar, facing each other, for gospel procession

Gospel Acclamation

After the deacon picks up the Book of the Gospels and turns, candle bearers proceed to their places in front of the ambo

Gospel Reading

After the gospel, servers return to the sacristy, and proceed back to their places together. See The Gospel Procession for more detail on this.



General Intercessions

After intercessions, book bearer places the book on the altar and retrieves the cross from the sacristy and proceeds down the center aisle to lead up the gift bearers in the offertory procession. Candle bearers proceed to the credence table to assist the deacon with the preparation of the altar. Thurifer and boat proceed to sacristy and wait for incensation of the gifts

Liturgy of the Eucharist


Crucifer leads the offertory procession and waits off to the side next to the priest. Candle bearers accompany the priest to help receive the gifts. Crucifer deposits cross in the sacristy and waits for candle bearers to finish washing priestís hands. If there is incense, the thurible and boat bearer will approach the priest before he washes his hands. After all this is completed, all proceed to their places at the foot of the sanctuary

Eucharistic Prayer

Server kneeling closest to the bells will ring the bells 3 times: one short ring at the epiclesis, and three rings each at the raising of the host and chalice during the consecration

Our Father

Servers do not hold hands — keep hands folded

Lamb of God


Servers stand in their places to receive communion. After sitting or kneeling to pray for some time, crucifer should remove the book from the altar and return to his seat keeping the book on his lap. Candle bearers should wait next to the credence table to assist the deacon in clearing the altar

Prayer after Communion

When the priest and deacon stand, book bearer approaches the deacon. After the closing prayer, book bearer returns the book to the stand and waits for the final blessing

Concluding Rites

Final Blessing and Dismissal

After the blessing and dismissal, thurifer, boat, crucifer, and candle bearers immediately retrieve thurible, boat, cross, and candles

Closing Procession

All servers proceed half way down aisle and turn to wait for the reverence and then turn and process out of the Church

After Mass

After Mass, servers return to the sacristy and place the thurible, boat, cross and candles in their proper places. Servers should also extinguish all the candles using the "snuffer" on the taper. Cassocks and surplices should be hung up in their appropriate sections, and gloves should be returned to their proper place. Servers should then make their prayer of thanksgiving after Mass.