News and Other Timely Items

These pages are for the altar servers of the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta, GA. Because much of the information here is administrative, you must have a valid username to see most of the contents.

Mass Times

  • Saturday 05:00 pm (CA)
  • Sunday 07:30 am (CA)
  • Sunday 09:00 am (CA)
  • Sunday 10:30 am (CA)
  • Sunday 10:30 am (KH)
  • Sunday 12:00 pm (CA)
  • Sunday 04:00 pm (CA)
  • Sunday 05:45 pm (CA)
  • Sunday 07:15 pm (CA)

Training Aids

See The Booklet for some written materials.

See With Diagrams for some words plus pictures.

A manual for the Website.

Email List

To join the email distribution list,  Open Here. Your request will be sent to the team leaders, and you will get a confirmation email from the list management program. Follow the instructions in that message to complete the process. Thanks!

Schedule Info

Choir Dates from Dr. Wissler

October 1, 9:00

October 15, 9:00

November 26, 9:00

December 10 @St.Philip

December 17, 9:00

December 24, 4:00

January 21, 9:00

February 4, 5:00

February 25 @St. Philip

March 4, 9:00

March 25, 9:00

April 29, 9:00




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